Harold’s Chicken of Monee

Harold's Chicken Shack, founded by Chicago entrepreneur Harold Pierce in 1950, has solidified its place as a culinary icon known for uniquely prepared chicken and an unforgettable dining experience. The legend of its origins traces back to Harold's childhood vow never to be without chicken, inspired by an incident during a family dinner with a local preacher. Pierce, an African-American entrepreneur born on August 11, 1917, successfully expanded the Harold's Chicken Shack restaurant chain, becoming a staple in Chicago for over 50 years and now extending its reach to national communities

One notable branch, Harold's Chicken of Monee, exemplifies the franchise's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Their mission revolves around delivering fresh, quality products at reasonable prices with impeccable service. Emphasizing a friendly environment and excellent customer service, Harold's Chicken of Monee aims to create a pleasant experience for every customer, fostering return visits and positive recommendations. The belief in the power of word-of-mouth business underscores the establishment's focus on turning every customer into a satisfied, repeat patron, ensuring the continuation of Harold's legacy beyond its original Chicago roots.


A stellar hot sauce, like a flavor symphony, ignites your palate with...